Working for you!

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I’ve spent most of my life in Ferndale. In the last 30 years, I have enjoyed watching the growth of my family across generations.  As an advocate for both youth and seniors, I know firsthand the potential and richness of a multigenerational community. As a full-time working parent and former elected Ferndale School Board Trustee, I know the importance of supporting our schools and I have helped ensure stronger ties between our city and our school district.

As a councilwoman I have led efforts to help make Ferndale a more prosperous community, improved the city’s outreach and public communications.  In addition to this, I recognize that for some this growth feels like too much, too fast, and so I help our city leaders pause to seek new perspectives. I have a proven record of listening carefully and seeking out voices that need to be heard. I maintain a fair and independent stance when tough decisions are brought before council.

I know how important it is to have leaders who represent and embrace the diversity of our city.  Yes, I am the first black woman elected to Ferndale City Council – and the reason that’s important to me is because of the stories that people have shared with me about how personal, meaningful and valuable that is.  I also know it is vital to make sure our young people and our seniors know that the leadership of their city is working for and with them.

As a city councilwoman, I will always work for you – listening to all perspectives on the important issues facing our city in order to make fair and thoughtful decisions.  You can count on me to hear and act on your voice.

Raylon is working for you to promote:

    • Equitable development at a reasonable pace and mindful of the needs of all of our residents
    • Better communication between city leadership and residents by inviting more voices to the table
    • Fairness in the workings of our city
    • Diversity and inclusion in our community across our individual differences